The Niuean Congregational Group

1:00-2:30 pm Sundays, 271 Burnley Street, Burnley / Richmond

Rev. Molesi Tamate
Mob: 0424702674

The Niuean congregational group at St. George’s East St. Kilda Uniting Church was formed in 2007.

The whole idea of this church community is to bring together Niuean families residing here in Melbourne. It was started by Rev. Don Ikitoelagi beginning with those who contacted and approached him for the possibility of having a Niue church somewhere in Melbourne for worship on Sundays.

Rev. Angela Tampiyappa was approached by Rev. Don for the Niueans to worship in St. Georges church, and gladly accepted.

Worship was once a month in the beginning and in the second year became twice a month. Both Niuean and English languages were used for the older generation and the youth who know little Niuean. A number of people have been appointed as Ulumotua (senior elders for the congregation) including a Secretary, Choir master, and Sunday school teacher.

In 2011, Rev. Molesi was inducted as minister for the Niuean church here in Melbourne. Church services are every week from 1:00pm-2:30p.m. Every fifth Sunday there is a combined multicultural service at 10:00am with the St. Georges traditional congregational group. Bible Study is at 6:30pm on the first Friday of the month at the church.

For those Niuean people who are not aware of this new beginning, please contact Rev Tamate.

Rev. Molesi Tamate mobile 0424702674

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